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Vengeful revenants, ghost children, woodland zombies, and lustful demon toys are among the menagerie of small horrors showcased in Brian Knight’s first collection, Dragonfly.

Gripping, touching, and sometimes humorous, Dragonfly deals a powerful range of emotions from love to hate, hope and loss. Reviewers and readers alike have praised Dragonfly, which received four honorable mentions in The Years Best Fantasy & Horror.

“Brian Knight’s writing shines with a dark brilliance. Dragonfly is a chilling collection of terror.” Douglas Clegg, author of The Children’s Hour.


He comes when you’re sleeping.  He is the reason you’re afraid of the dark.

After years of living as a prisoner of the fairytale monster that killed her mother, Charity has escaped, but the Bogeyman wants her back, and he will not stop until he has her. There is only one safe place for her now, a haunted place called Feral Park, but the price of safety will be more than her innocence … it will be her soul.

“Feral is a haunting, genuine fusion of horrific fantasy and the fearsome dreads of present-day life.  Feral bites hard and doesn’t let go.”  Tom Piccirilli, author of Midnight Road.


She was a mystery from the start.

They found her at a roadside diner outside the small Idaho town of Clearwater, drugged and abandoned, with no memory of who she is or where she came from.

But was she a miracle?

She inspires violence with her presence, madness with a touch. As her health improves and her memories return, the hot Clearwater summer becomes increasingly strange and violent. Insanity infects the small town, a shadowy figure lurking in the woods deals death, and no one is safe.

“The author of Dragonfly and Feral shows his skill at small-town horror.” Library Journal.


There’s something deadly hiding in the wilds of Mount Misery.

Novelist Jim Eldridge joins the Hacks Club for a writer’s retreat at The Devil’s Tail Lodge. Something on Mount Misery is not happy to see them. Fellow attendees, including bestseller Heather Woods and the legendary H Casper, look forward to a week of fun and relaxation, until trouble with a local man turns deadly.

The body count rises, and the survivors band together to fight the relentless killer. Will they escape the nightmare on The Devil’s Tail Ridge, or die trying?

“Say hello to horror’s next big thing.” Brian Keene, author of The Rising.


Dead hookers, murderous junkies, and pissed-off drug lords. Butch Quick is having a really bad night.

Meet Butch Quick, a reluctant tough guy with a bad attitude and a talent for trouble. If the job is too dirty or dangerous for anyone else, then Butch is your man.

When Butch repossesses a vintage 1968 Mustang from a neighborhood troublemaker, he uncovers a dark secret that tangles him up with a local drug kingpin and his army of moronic goons, a foul-mouthed macaw, and a dangerous woman named Honey.

“Knight presents a plot that will keep you up late at night, insights into various kinds of life that are rich with wisdom and wit, and a voice you’ll remember for a long, long time to come.”  From the introduction by Ed Gorman, author of Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool.


In 2008, the cult novelette 1200 AM Live introduced readers to the sick world of Andy Crow and Charles Greene.

In 2009, The Avian presented the tragic story of Jove.

They Call Us Monsters, the final story in this fantasy/horror trilogy, brings these characters together in an explosive conclusion. For the first time, these beloved characters meet, and all hell breaks loose. This omnibus collects all three stories in a single volume.

“Monsters are real, you’ve got photographic evidence, and frankly son, it’s beginning to piss us off.” – Charles Greene.


Brian Knight’s Dangerous Toys will break your heart, tickle your funny bone, and punch you right in the gut.

Murderers and monsters, shapeshifters and the unquiet dead, cryptids and clowns … Dangerous Toys explores a world of small horrors from the subtle to the brazen, the serious to the slapstick.

“Knight is a writer to watch.” Ellen Datlow, World’s Best Fantasy & Horror.


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Members Only

As promised, I’ve removed a handful of digital chapbooks from distribution and made them available only on, and only to members of the Knightmares list. Oh, and they’re free.

The Berserkers 1 and 2, The Beast Inside and Blood Rage are the first two in a series of four or five planned novellas that I will make available only to Knightmares list members (and did I mention, all for free?). Once I’ve completed the series, I will most likely collect them into an omnibus edition like They Call Us Monsters for wider distribution, but the chapbooks are for you guys.

Children of Filth was originally a bonus novella for the original lettered edition of Sex, Death, & Honey. It’s a fun little Cthulhu Mythos story full of little monsters, both human and non-human. The audio version of Children of Filth is available on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

Death is Blind was originally published as Blinding Death in the apocalypse themed collection And Hell Followed With Them, with Brian Keene, Geoff Cooper, and Tim Lebbon. The audio version of Death is Blind is available on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

These members only digital chapbooks are available in Kindle, ePub, and PDF right here on, but the files are password protected. If you’re a member of the Knightmares list, you’ll get the password in the email. If you’re not a member but you want the password, just join and your password will be in the welcome email.