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Members Only

As promised, I’ve removed a handful of digital chapbooks from distribution and made them available only on, and only to members of the Knightmares list. Oh, and they’re free.

The Berserkers 1 and 2, The Beast Inside and Blood Rage are the first two in a series of four or five planned novellas that I will make available only to Knightmares list members (and did I mention, all for free?). Once I’ve completed the series, I will most likely collect them into an omnibus edition like They Call Us Monsters for wider distribution, but the chapbooks are for you guys.

Children of Filth was originally a bonus novella for the original lettered edition of Sex, Death, & Honey. It’s a fun little Cthulhu Mythos story full of little monsters, both human and non-human. The audio version of Children of Filth is available on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

Death is Blind was originally published as Blinding Death in the apocalypse themed collection And Hell Followed With Them, with Brian Keene, Geoff Cooper, and Tim Lebbon. The audio version of Death is Blind is available on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

These members only digital chapbooks are available in Kindle, ePub, and PDF right here on, but the files are password protected. If you’re a member of the Knightmares list, you’ll get the password in the email. If you’re not a member but you want the password, just join and your password will be in the welcome email.

Wintertime Blues

Hi friends and stalkers.

Well, fall is here, and winter is coming. As usual, I’m feeling the urge to withdraw entirely from social media, the Knightmares blog/list, and life as it exists outside of my own head. Part of that urge to shrink away from interaction is the increased workload and hours of the day job. I drive a propane truck for a living, and when it gets cold, I get busy. It hasn’t been as bad this year as most, at least so far. The larger part is just plain old wintertime blues. I get them every year, and they make me antisocial as hell.

I can’t let that happen this winter, at least not to the extent that it usually does. I’m trying to treat my writing as a business now, and while I’m still not entirely sure what that means, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean ignoring my readers and subscribers until the sun comes back out next spring.

So, here’s what I’m gonna do to keep myself, and hopefully you, engaged.

First, I’m gonna take some of my digital chapbooks off the market and make them available only to members of the Knightmares list. Two of the members only chapbooks are part of a series of stories called The Berserkers, and I will release future installments only to the Knightmares list until the series is complete. Look for those free download links in an upcoming Knightmares.



Second, I’m going to try to start some conversations with you. I have a few topics in mind already, but you should feel free to recommend your own topics to me. Reply right here on this post or email me at Seriously, conversations are so much more interesting than monologues. I want to make it worth your trouble to sign up or stay if you already are signed up.

Talk to you again soon.

Brian Knight

The Fiction of Brian Knight

Available for free, and only on

Fiction spanning Brian Knight’s nearly two decades publishing horror and action fiction.  Includes excerpts of Feral, Broken Angel, Hacks, and Sex, Death, & Honey.  The Fiction of Brian Knight: Stories and Excerpts – A Sampler also includes two complete novellas, Big Trouble in Little Boots and Midnight Blues, and two short stories, Don’t Toy With Me and Night of the Dog.

Download in Kindle, ePub, or PDF.

Sex, Death, & Other Stuff

Hi friends and stalkers.

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update. It has been a challenging summer. I won’t bore you with it, but I do want to take a minute to thank all of you who donated to the GoFundMe for my mother-in-law and father-in-law. You all helped make it possible for a dedicated and loving husband, my father-in-law Rocky, to travel the long distances required for him to visit his wife, my mother-in-law and one of my oldest friends, Judi, while she recovered from a massive and debilitating stroke.

She’s not back home yet, but she has been transferred much closer to home, and is recovering very rapidly. She’s not back to 100% yet, but is much closer than any of us had a right to expect, and getting better every day.

Now on to some writing and horror related shit!

I have a few more books back in print since our last little visit.

Sex, Death, & Honey, the action/crime novel I brought back to digital life earlier this year is now also available in print and audio, narrated by one of my favorites, Roberto Scarlato.

They Call Us Monsters is now back in digital and print, as well as the previously available audio version.




Two more of my digital chapbooks are now available in audio, also narrated by Roberto Scarlato. If you’re in the mood for a bite size story, then Heart of the Monster and Death is Blind might be what you’re looking for.



I have great news on some new work that I can’t share quite yet. This will be of special interest to collectors and people who love books for the physical works of art they can sometimes be, as well as for the stories between the covers. Stay tuned!

This next bit is only for subscribers to the Knightmares newsletter, so if you’re reading this on please cover your eyes until we’ve reached the next paragraph.

Okay, now that all the non-subscribers are looking away … I’ve got some free shit for you subscribers! I have ten free audio copies of Sex, Death, & Honey for the first ten people who want one. Just email me at and say that you would like a copy, and I’ll send you the free download code for Audible. I’m also giving away digital copies of anything you want on, except for the Phoenix Girls books. Just reply to this email and tell me which one you’d like (limit one per subscriber per offer).

Okay, all you non-subscribers can open your eyes now. If you did happen to peek (shame on you!) and see that subscribers are getting goodies denied to you, don’t worry, you can remedy that shit. Just subscribe and you’ll be eligible for free goodies next time.

Stay tuned for flash fiction, news, and occasional free stuff!

Brian Knight

Free Short Story / Mother of Kitties

A few months ago, Brian Keene and Dave Thomas were talking about my novel, Hacks, on their weekly podcast, The Horror Show with Brian Keene, because I was bringing it back into print and offering free digital copies to Horror Show listeners. Mostly it was shameless self promotion, but partly it was because many of the book’s main characters are based on real writers I know, one of them Brian Keene.

Dave suggested that someone should put him and co-host Phoebe in a story, then offered up a premise that had a lot of possibility.

“What are you waiting for, Knight? It writes itself!”

I’m pretty sure he was kidding, and pretty sure he was still kidding when he mentioned the idea again a few weeks ago, but I liked the idea, and he called me out by name, so what the hell.

It was supposed to be a flash piece but evolved into a full-grown short story. I’m publishing it with Dave and Phoebe’s permission in my upcoming collection Dangerous Toys, but I wanted you guys to have a chance to read it for free before Dangerous Toys comes out, so I’m posting it here for the next few weeks.

I hope you all dig it!

Brian Knight

*Mother of Kitties has been removed from, but will be available soon in my new collection, Dangerous Toys.*

Everyone Loves A Sample

Hi friends and stalkers!

Those of you who have been paying attention know this digital sampler isn’t a new thing, but when the two complete (and completely free) novellas included in this sampler went to Kindle Unlimited, I had to take it down to avoid violating Amazon’s terms of service, and potentially screwing myself out of a vendor. Both of those novellas are now out of KU and widely available for the low, low cost of 99 cents.

Or, as I’ve already mentioned, you can get them for free right here.

The Fiction of Brian Knight: Stories and Excerpts – A Sampler also includes two short stories, and fairly meaty excerpts from four of my novels, Feral, Broken Angel, Hacks, and Sex, Death, & Honey. The work in this sampler spans my nearly twenty years writing for publication, and is a great way for you, dear stalker, to try before you buy.

The Fiction of Brian Knight: Stories and Excerpts – A Sampler
Fiction: Sampler, Horror
List Price: FREE
Publisher: Tulpa Books (2018)
Download: Kindle, ePub, PDF

Fiction spanning Brian Knight’s nearly two decades publishing horror and crime fiction. Includes excerpts of Feral, Broken Angel, Hacks, and Sex, Death, & Honey. The Fiction of Brian Knight: Stories and Excerpts – A Sampler also includes two complete novellas, Big Trouble in Little Boots and Midnight Blues, and two short stories, Don’t Toy With Me and Night of the Dog.


While you’re in a sampling mood, I am encouraging you to sample the fiction of my friend, Khaliela Wright, and her creative writing club, Dystopia.

This is not free, but worth the $9.99 (or $2.99 digital) price of admission, and the profits benefit the Spokane Falls Community College Pullman Campus’s Creative Writing Club. Discover new talent as it develops, and help support the creators who will bring the horror genre into the future.

If you’re local to the Lewiston/Clarkston Valley, you can find Dystopia, and signed copies of my work, at And BOOKS, Too! in Clarkston, Washington.

Fiction: Anthology, Horror
Print List Price: $9.99
Digital List Price: $2.99
Publisher: Spokane Falls Community College (2018)
Purchase: Amazon

Dystopia is a collection of short stories and poetry written, edited, and compiled by students at Spokane Falls Community College, Pullman Center. The 2017-2018 Bigfoot Review is the Creative Writing Club’s revival anthology. The club’s advisor, and short story author, Khaliela Wright, welcomes you into the diverse and vibrant fiction and poetry created by the 10 writers presenting their work in the anthology. Enter their worlds. Linger over their stories. Let their prose delight, unsettle, and entertain.

That’s all for now, but there will be more news, and new releases, soon!

Brian Knight

To Free, or Not to Free?

Much of my research into digital book promotion suggested that freebies are a great way to get new readers to take a chance on your work, inspire good will with a potential long term readership, and create buzz for your work as a whole and you as an author.  It’s also very easy to do with digital work, simple as giving away ones and zeros.

Is it effective?  I’ve given away over 1,500 digital copies this year between Amazon and my website, and I’ve yet to see it pay off for me … at least in the short term.

The opposing theory about freebies is that they devalue your work and foster a sense entitlement in your readership.  I think this is true to a point.  I know some readers who never pay for books because they never have to.  There are so many free books available (not even counting piracy sites) that they could read non-stop for the rest of their lives and never run out of free books.  I also know readers who will go on to buy your other work after reading and liking something of yours they got for free.

I will continue to offer freebies for a while, at least until all of my digital chaps are out of Kindle Unlimited.  After that I’m going to reevaluate the practice.  The free flash fiction on Knightmares is another thing.  I happen to enjoy doing them and don’t mind giving those away, so they will continue indefinitely.

That said, my digital Humor/Crime chapbook Big Trouble in Little Boots is free on Amazon from May 17th (today) until May 21st.  Get it while the gettin’s free!

The Gal in the Blue Mask and The Christmas Corpse

Just a quick entry here to pimp an interview and a new short story, both now available to read at The Gal in the Blue Mask, an excellent fiction blog by Meghan Shena Hyden. Both are part of Meghan’s yearly Christmas Takeover. There are a lot of scary Christmas stories, and a lot of great interviews, including Mary SanGiovanni, Jonathan Janz, Armond Rosamilia, and film maker Mike Lombardo.

You can find my interview here, and I hope you’ll give my new story The Christmas Corpse a read. Yeah, I found some typos in the story. I’ll make sure they’re fixed when The Christmas Corpse is included in my upcoming collection, Dangerous Toys.

Talk to you again soon.

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