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The Fiction of Brian Knight

Available for free, and only on Fiction spanning Brian Knight’s nearly two decades publishing horror and action fiction.  Includes excerpts of Feral, Broken Angel, Hacks, and Sex, Death, & Honey.   The Fiction of Brian Knight: Stories and Excerpts – A Sampler also includes two complete novellas, Big Trouble in Little Boots and Midnight Blues, and two short stories, Don’t Toy With Me and Night of…

Death is Blind

When the shattered remnants of a planet killing meteor called The Fist of God hits earth, death and destruction threaten to end human civilization, but The Fist of God is only the beginning of Earth’s tribulation.

A terrible Pale Rider leads the dead against survivors in the small town of Orofino, Idaho, killing and converting them.

One teenage girl is the key to humanity’s survival, but first she must survive the Pale Rider and his army of the dead.

From the Tulpa Chapbook Series.

Children of Filth

When a mysterious girl named Star arrives in the small town of Burroughs, Oregon, the other children begin to behave strangely.

Judi Key is uneasy with Star’s influence over her brother Joey, and is determined to uncover the power Star holds over him. What she discovers is a horror beyond her imagination.

Will Judi be able to stop the Children of Filth from resurrecting Star’s dark father?

From the Tulpa Chapbook Series.

Blood Rage: The Berserkers, Part 2

Makan Bjornsen’s exile on remote Mount Misery comes to an end, and he returns to the world to find his road crowded with old friends, and new enemies.

The search to find his estranged sister leads Makan to the broken remnants of his old gang, and proof that she has indeed done the unthinkable.

Part 2 of The Berserkers, from the Tulpa Chapbook Series.