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Children of Filth

When a mysterious girl named Star arrives in the small town of Burroughs, Oregon, the other children begin to behave strangely.

Judi Key is uneasy with Star’s influence over her brother Joey, and is determined to uncover the power Star holds over him. What she discovers is a horror beyond her imagination.

Will Judi be able to stop the Children of Filth from resurrecting Star’s dark father?

From the Tulpa Chapbook Series.

Johnny Junk

Everyone had given up on the lost children, but one phone call rekindles a father’s hope for his missing girl.

What happens when four fathers venture onto the reclusive Johnny Junk Curtis’s property in search of their missing children is far worse than their imaginations could have conceived.

They uncover secrets better left alone, and meet the truth behind the legend of Johnny Junk.

From the Tulpa Chapbook Series.

Heart of the Monster

Where does your rage come from? Karl knows; he stares at it every night from his back patio. The heart of the monster. It calls to him, and for 15 years, Karl has resisted its pull.

But to confront the monster he is becoming, he must go back and confront the ghosts of his past and those he left behind.

From the Tulpa Chapbook Series



Midnight Blues

Jerry Conway is old, sick, heartbroken, and nearly used up when the old car comes back into his life, hungry for vengeance.

With Jerry’s help, Midnight Blues tracks down the men responsible for the death of his wife.

But what does Midnight Blues and his lost love’s angry spirit have in store for him, the man who failed to protect her?

From the Tulpa Chapbook Series.