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As promised, I’ve removed a handful of digital chapbooks from distribution and made them available only on, and only to members of the Knightmares list. Oh, and they’re free.

The Berserkers 1 and 2, The Beast Inside and Blood Rage are the first two in a series of four or five planned novellas that I will make available only to Knightmares list members (and did I mention, all for free?). Once I’ve completed the series, I will most likely collect them into an omnibus edition like They Call Us Monsters for wider distribution, but the chapbooks are for you guys.

Children of Filth was originally a bonus novella for the original lettered edition of Sex, Death, & Honey. It’s a fun little Cthulhu Mythos story full of little monsters, both human and non-human. The audio version of Children of Filth is available on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

Death is Blind was originally published as Blinding Death in the apocalypse themed collection And Hell Followed With Them, with Brian Keene, Geoff Cooper, and Tim Lebbon. The audio version of Death is Blind is available on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

These members only digital chapbooks are available in Kindle, ePub, and PDF right here on, but the files are password protected. If you’re a member of the Knightmares list, you’ll get the password in the email. If you’re not a member but you want the password, just join and your password will be in the welcome email.

Sex, Death, & Other Stuff

Hi friends and stalkers.

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update. It has been a challenging summer. I won’t bore you with it, but I do want to take a minute to thank all of you who donated to the GoFundMe for my mother-in-law and father-in-law. You all helped make it possible for a dedicated and loving husband, my father-in-law Rocky, to travel the long distances required for him to visit his wife, my mother-in-law and one of my oldest friends, Judi, while she recovered from a massive and debilitating stroke.

She’s not back home yet, but she has been transferred much closer to home, and is recovering very rapidly. She’s not back to 100% yet, but is much closer than any of us had a right to expect, and getting better every day.

Now on to some writing and horror related shit!

I have a few more books back in print since our last little visit.

Sex, Death, & Honey, the action/crime novel I brought back to digital life earlier this year is now also available in print and audio, narrated by one of my favorites, Roberto Scarlato.

They Call Us Monsters is now back in digital and print, as well as the previously available audio version.




Two more of my digital chapbooks are now available in audio, also narrated by Roberto Scarlato. If you’re in the mood for a bite size story, then Heart of the Monster and Death is Blind might be what you’re looking for.



I have great news on some new work that I can’t share quite yet. This will be of special interest to collectors and people who love books for the physical works of art they can sometimes be, as well as for the stories between the covers. Stay tuned!

This next bit is only for subscribers to the Knightmares newsletter, so if you’re reading this on please cover your eyes until we’ve reached the next paragraph.

Okay, now that all the non-subscribers are looking away … I’ve got some free shit for you subscribers! I have ten free audio copies of Sex, Death, & Honey for the first ten people who want one. Just email me at and say that you would like a copy, and I’ll send you the free download code for Audible. I’m also giving away digital copies of anything you want on, except for the Phoenix Girls books. Just reply to this email and tell me which one you’d like (limit one per subscriber per offer).

Okay, all you non-subscribers can open your eyes now. If you did happen to peek (shame on you!) and see that subscribers are getting goodies denied to you, don’t worry, you can remedy that shit. Just subscribe and you’ll be eligible for free goodies next time.

Stay tuned for flash fiction, news, and occasional free stuff!

Brian Knight

To Free, or Not to Free?

Much of my research into digital book promotion suggested that freebies are a great way to get new readers to take a chance on your work, inspire good will with a potential long term readership, and create buzz for your work as a whole and you as an author.  It’s also very easy to do with digital work, simple as giving away ones and zeros.

Is it effective?  I’ve given away over 1,500 digital copies this year between Amazon and my website, and I’ve yet to see it pay off for me … at least in the short term.

The opposing theory about freebies is that they devalue your work and foster a sense entitlement in your readership.  I think this is true to a point.  I know some readers who never pay for books because they never have to.  There are so many free books available (not even counting piracy sites) that they could read non-stop for the rest of their lives and never run out of free books.  I also know readers who will go on to buy your other work after reading and liking something of yours they got for free.

I will continue to offer freebies for a while, at least until all of my digital chaps are out of Kindle Unlimited.  After that I’m going to reevaluate the practice.  The free flash fiction on Knightmares is another thing.  I happen to enjoy doing them and don’t mind giving those away, so they will continue indefinitely.

That said, my digital Humor/Crime chapbook Big Trouble in Little Boots is free on Amazon from May 17th (today) until May 21st.  Get it while the gettin’s free!

May Day! May Day!

Hello friends and stalkers!

No, I am not sending out an international radio distress signal, just letting you know that May 1st is going to be kind of a big day for me. Not only are the digital editions of Hacks and Sex, Death, & Honey going to be available for download this coming May Day, my first Tulpa Books paperback will be available too.

Feral was first released in December of 2003 as a library bound hardcover from Gail/Five Star Books in their Speculative Fiction line. I retained the paperback rights thinking I could sell it to Leisure Books. Well, that’s what I get for thinking. It went out of print a year or two later, though you can still find copies of the old hardcover for sale online.

It came back in 2011 as a digital book from Crossroads Press, and after a brief stint in the phantom zone, returned to digital as one of my first Tulpa Books releases.

Now, for the first time ever, Feral is available in paperback! The Tulpa Books paperback edition of Feral is available for preorder now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also get a copy via your favorite brick and mortar bookstore. They can order it from Ingram with the standard retail discount.

Of course, Feral is only the first Tulpa Paperback. My collection Dragonfly is coming soon, as well as my novels Broken Angel, Hacks, and Sex, Death, & Honey.

And that is only the beginning. I have more backlist still waiting to to return, and new stuff in the works. I look forward to sharing it all with you.

Brian Knight

The First Quarter

The first quarter of Tulpa’s first year in business is over. I am not raking in the dough, burning up the charts, making a killing, or even a strong showing. What I have done is get ten chapbooks, four novels, and one collection back into print, digitally speaking. I am now working on getting the novels and collection back into actual print.

I told myself at the beginning to manage my expectations, and for the most part I have. I’d like to see more pages read on my Kindle Unlimited titles (the digital chapbooks), or more sales for the other titles, but I’m still learning the business. I still need to learn how to write better book descriptions and perfect my keywords and categories. I might even have to replace a cover or two, even though I happen to love the ones I have. I need to fine-tune my meta-data, and probably a dozen other things I don’t even know yet. Advice from other literary do-it-yourselfers is welcome.

My plan for this next quarter is to turn Tulpa’s four digital novels and one digital collection into paperbacks, fine-tune the meta-data, and learn how successful indie authors sell a lot of books. One of these days I have to be able to justify my Tulpa Books expenses to my better half.

So, a few things I’m changing here at …

The Free Stuff page is going away April 13th. The five free digital chapbooks are going to Amazon. The main purpose of the Free Stuff page was to attract readers to my Knightmares newsletter, and to reward them with free stuff. I pimped the hell out of the Free Stuff page, but it wasn’t much of a draw, and the download numbers did not inspire me to leave it up.

Knightmares subscribers will continue to get free fiction in the form of flash fiction or very short shorts included in the newsletter emails. I will also continue to offer free digital copies to interested readers in exchange for honest reviews.

I have two new novels going on sale May 1st at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Google Play, etc. Both are reissues of old novels, one my personal favorite.

You can preorder them now through my Digital page.

Before I go I want to thank Lisa Lee Tone and H Casper for everything they’ve done for me over the past several months. I could not have done this without them.

I look forward to the Second Quarter. I hope you’ll be a part of it.

Review copies! Get your review copies here!

Hi friends!

My first three Tulpa Books titles are almost ready, and I’m sure you know what that means.

Advance review copies!

To get your advance review copies of Dragonfly, Feral, or Broken Angel, simply email me at with ‘ARC List’ in the subject line, and I’ll add you to the advance review copy list. The ARC list will not be a news list. I will only use it to make advance review copies available to those who ask to be on the list.

All ARCs on offer will be free of charge and available in Kindle, Epub, and PDF formats. All I ask is that you leave a review on the book’s Amazon, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble page, whichever you usually buy your books from.

There are only a few days left to vote for my next release. The choices are mostly from my backlist. The exception is a new short story collection which consists of mostly previously published work. So far the collection, Dangerous Toys, is in the lead. If you have a preference, now is the time to vote.

*Poll expired*

Introducing Tulpa Books!

I’d like to begin by thanking a few people who convinced me that my work was worth bringing back, who encouraged me to release them myself, and who have helped me learn how to do it. I’ve since immersed myself in the Indie Publishing world, but quietly, as a lurker. Mouth shut, ears open, and hopefully learning.

Douglas Clegg.

Lisa Lee.

H Michael Casper.

Kelli Owen.

KH Koehler.

Mark Allan Gunnells.

Lisa Vasquez.

David M. Wilson.

Monica J. O’Rourke.

Joe Mulak.

Susan Woods.

Julie Sparkman.

There are others. I know I missed some of you. My brain is not yet working at peak efficiency, so please forgive me.

Now, to the meat of this announcement. Two of Tulpa Books first three titles are going up for pre-order now and will be available on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, and maybe Ibooks (if I can get through the rat maze that is their vender account setup) on January 9, 2018. I plan to bring them back in print too, but have not yet decided when. Hopefully soon after the digital release.

The third will also release on January 9, 2018, but will be available only on KDP Select for the first three months. It may go wide afterward depending on sales, or demand from readers from different storefronts.

Shannon Pitcher was trying to forget the brutal murder of her ex-husband and the loss of her only daughter, when fate brought her to a lost, scared little girl named Charity at the gate of an abandoned and haunted place called Feral Park.

Gordon Chambers has searched for his daughter for six years. Even when his estranged wife is found slaughtered and his daughter, Charity, disappears, hope remains in the form of strange dreams.

After years of living as prisoner of the fairytale monster that killed her mother, Charity has escaped, but the Bogeyman wants her back, and he will not stop until he has her. There is only one safe place for her now, but the price of safety will be more than her innocence, it will be her soul.

List price: $3.99. On sale for 99 cents until January 18, 2018.

Grim knows there’s something wrong with his new foster-sister, Angel, but he also knows what it’s like to be an outsider in the small insular town. Michele feels the danger surrounding her new friend, Angel inspires violence with her mere presence, terror with a simple touch, but she’s also sweet, damaged, and all but alone.

As Angel’s health improves and her memories return, the hot Clearwater summer becomes increasingly strange and violent. Insanity infects the small town, a shadowy figure lurking in the woods at night deals death, and no one is safe.

List price: $3.99. On sale for 99 cents until January 18, 2018.

Vengeful revenants, ghost children, woodland zombies, and lustful, demonic toys are among the menagerie of small horrors showcased in Brian Knight’s first collection, Dragonfly.

Gripping, touching, and sometimes humorous, Dragonfly deals a powerful range of emotions from love to hate, hope and loss. Reviewers and readers alike have praised Dragonfly, which received four honorable mentions in The Years Best Fantasy & Horror.

Douglas Clegg (The Nightmare Chronicles & Bad Karma) says: “Brian Knight’s writing shines with a dark brilliance. Dragonfly is a chilling collection of terror.”

List price: $2.99. Available only on KDP Select.

I will put pre-order links on once all three books are available for preorder.

Future Tulpa Books from my backlist include a Monster Double Feature of Reservoir Gods and They Call Us Monsters, solo releases of Reservoir Gods and They Call Us Monsters, Hacks, and my neo-noir crime novel Sex, Death, and Honey. You can help decide which I release first by participating in the poll at the bottom of the page.

Future original Tulpa Books include a new collection called Dangerous Toys, the sequel to Sex, Death, and Honey tentatively titled Cut to the Quick, a new horror novel tentatively titled The Girl Has Guts, and a horror novel called Hog Island. Some of these may come out as limited edition hardcovers before Tulpa Books releases them. I’ll let you know which, if any, and how to get them.

You can receive advance review copies of Tulpa Books titles by joining my Knightmares newsletter and responding in the affirmative when I make them available.

Thanks for joining me in this new adventure.

Brian Knight

*Poll expired*

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