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Those of you who have been paying attention know this digital sampler isn’t a new thing, but when the two complete (and completely free) novellas included in this sampler went to Kindle Unlimited, I had to take it down to avoid violating Amazon’s terms of service, and potentially screwing myself out of a vendor.  Both of those novellas are now out of KU and widely available for the low, low cost of 99 cents.

Or, as I’ve already mentioned, you can get them for free right here.

The Fiction of Brian Knight: Stories and Excerpts – A Sampler also includes two short stories, and fairly meaty excerpts from four of my novels, Feral, Broken Angel, Hacks, and Sex, Death, & Honey.  The work in this sampler spans my nearly twenty years writing for publication, and is a great way for you, dear stalker, to try before you buy.

The Fiction of Brian Knight:
Stories and Excerpts – A Sampler

Fiction: Sampler, Horror
List Price: FREE
Publisher: Tulpa Books (2018)

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Fiction spanning Brian Knight’s nearly two decades publishing horror and crime fiction.  Includes excerpts of Feral, Broken Angel, Hacks, and Sex, Death, & HoneyThe Fiction of Brian Knight: Stories and Excerpts – A Sampler also includes two complete novellas, Big Trouble in Little Boots and Midnight Blues, and two short stories, Don’t Toy With Me and Night of the Dog.

While you’re in a sampling mood, I am encouraging you to sample the fiction of my friend, Khaliela Wright, and her creative writing club, Dystopia.

This is not free, but worth the $9.99 (or $2.99 digital) price of admission, and the profits benefit the Spokane Falls Community College Pullman Campus’s Creative Writing Club.  Discover new talent as it develops, and help support the creators who will bring the horror genre into the future.

If you’re local to the Lewiston/Clarkston Valley, you can find Dystopia, and signed copies of my work, at And BOOKS, Too! in Clarkston, Washington.


Fiction: Collection, Horror
Print List Price: $9.99
Digital List Price: $2.99
Publisher: Spokane Falls Community College (2018)
Purchase: Amazon

Dystopia is a collection of short stories and poetry written, edited, and compiled by students at Spokane Falls Community College, Pullman Center. The 2017-2018 Bigfoot Review is the Creative Writing Club’s revival anthology. The club’s advisor, and short story author, Khaliela Wright, welcomes you into the diverse and vibrant fiction and poetry created by the 10 writers presenting their work in the anthology. Enter their worlds. Linger over their stories. Let their prose delight, unsettle, and entertain.

That’s all for now, but there will be more news, and new releases, soon!

Brian Knight

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