Uncertainty Then VS Uncertainty Now

Last year at this time I was waiting for my few remaining in print books to go out of print so I could call it a career.  I was toying with the idea of making a few of my favorites available for free as digital books, for a limited time, just so they could have one last chance to get a few new readers, but after that I was going to let it all go.

A friend in the business, a man who published traditionally, and very successfully, for decades before putting his backlist back to work for him through his own imprint, told me that was stupid (he used nicer words, because he’s a nice guy, but I got the idea).  He told me to consider self-publishing my old work.

I did consider it. I thought about it for months, uncertain about whether I wanted to invest the time and effort (and money) it would take to do it right. Whether or not I’m doing it right is still debatable, but I did decide to go for it.  In the process of revising and re-writing old material, I rediscovered my love for writing.  I’m working on new stuff now, though slowly because I’m still working on all the old stuff.

I’m not yet certain how I plan to release future original works.  I do plan on making them available as limited edition hardcovers.  I already have a reputable limited-edition hardcover publisher interested in my upcoming work, and I’ll give him any of my new stuff that he wants.  My new uncertainty is about if I want to try for a traditional paperback/digital publisher, Deadite Press comes first to mind, or just do it myself through my imprint, Tulpa Books.

One way or the other, there will be new work available, and hopefully within the next couple of years. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy getting my backlist out into the world again, and there is still more backlist to get through, but the bulk of it is available again so I’m going to start working hard to get new stuff out.

If you haven’t read my old work, I hope you’ll give it a shot.  You can find it all on my Amazon Author Page.  I also hope you’ll stick around for the new stuff.

Brian Knight

May Day!  May Day!

Hello friends and stalkers!

No, I am not sending out an international radio distress signal, just letting you know that May 1st is going to be kind of a big day for me.  Not only are the digital editions of Hacks and Sex, Death, & Honey going to be available for download this coming May Day, my first Tulpa Books paperback will be available too.

Feral was first released in December of 2003 as a library bound hardcover from Gail/Five Star Books in their Speculative Fiction line.  I retained the paperback rights thinking I could sell it to Leisure Books.  Well, that’s what I get for thinking.  It went out of print a year or two later, though you can still find copies of the old hardcover for sale online.

It came back in 2011 as a digital book from Crossroads Press, and after a brief stint in the phantom zone, returned to digital as one of my first Tulpa Books releases.

Now, for the first time ever, Feral is available in paperback!  The Tulpa Books paperback edition of Feral is available for preorder now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  You can also get a copy via your favorite brick and mortar bookstore.  They can order it from Ingram with the standard retail discount.

Of course, Feral is only the first Tulpa Paperback.  My collection Dragonfly is coming soon, as well as my novels Broken Angel, Hacks, and Sex, Death, & Honey.

And that is only the beginning.  I have more backlist still waiting to to return, and new stuff in the works.  I look forward to sharing it all with you.

Brian Knight

The First Quarter

The first quarter of Tulpa’s first year in business is over.  I am not raking in the dough, burning up the charts, making a killing, or even a strong showing.  What I have done is get ten chapbooks, four novels, and one collection back into print, digitally speaking.  I am now working on getting the novels and collection back into actual print.

I told myself at the beginning to manage my expectations, and for the most part I have.  I’d like to see more pages read on my Kindle Unlimited titles (the digital chapbooks), or more sales for the other titles, but I’m still learning the business.  I still need to learn how to write better book descriptions and perfect my keywords and categories.  I might even have to replace a cover or two, even though I happen to love the ones I have.  I need to fine-tune my meta-data, and probably a dozen other things I don’t even know yet.  Advice from other literary do-it-yourselfers is welcome.

My plan for this next quarter is to turn Tulpa’s four digital novels and one digital collection into paperbacks, fine-tune the meta-data, and learn how successful indie authors sell a lot of books.  One of these days I have to be able to justify my Tulpa Books expenses to my better half.

So, a few things I’m changing here at Brian-Knight.com …

The Free Stuff page is going away April 13th.  The five free digital chapbooks are going to Amazon.  The main purpose of the Free Stuff page was to attract readers to my Knightmares newsletter, and to reward them with free stuff.  I pimped the hell out of the Free Stuff page, but it wasn’t much of a draw, and the download numbers did not inspire me to leave it up.

Knightmares subscribers will continue to get free fiction in the form of flash fiction or very short shorts included in the newsletter emails.  I will also continue to offer free digital copies to interested readers in exchange for honest reviews.

I have two new novels going on sale May 1st at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Google Play, etc.  Both are reissues of old novels, one my personal favorite.

You can preorder them now through my Digital page.

Before I go I want to thank Lisa Lee Tone and H Casper for everything they’ve done for me over the past several months.  I could not have done this without them.

I look forward to the Second Quarter.  I hope you’ll be a part of it.