Print / Sex, Death, & Honey

The Misadventures of Butch Quick, Book 1

Fiction: Novel, Action, Crime
Format: Trade Paperback
List Price: $15.95
Print Length
: 296 pages

Publisher: Tulpa Books (2018)
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Dead hookers, murderous junkies, and pissed-off drug lords. Butch Quick is having a really bad night.

Meet Butch Quick, a reluctant tough guy with a bad attitude and a talent for trouble. If the job is too dirty or dangerous for anyone else, then Butch is your man.

When Butch repossesses a vintage 1968 Mustang from a neighborhood troublemaker, he uncovers a dark secret that tangles him up with a local drug kingpin and his army of moronic goons, a foul-mouthed macaw, and a dangerous woman named Honey.

“You just gotta like Brian Knight’s jack-of-all trades tough guy, Butch Quick.  Butch is a muscle-bound Sad Sack, a big-hearted lug of an actual nice guy who just can’t get a break. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.  More please!” Paul Bishop, author of Fight Card: Felony Fists.