October 26, 2013

Hi all, and welcome back to Brian-Knight.com, where Coffee is King and evil wears a Hawaiian Shirt!

The print, digital, and audio pages are complete and up to date.  A few of my print books–Broken Angel, Reservoir Gods, and Sex, Death & Honey— are now out of print, so if you want one, go to Amazon, Banes & Noble, or And Books, Too (Clarkston, Washington) to get your copy while supplies last.

A few of my digital editions–Big Trouble in Little BootsA Face Full of Ugly, and Sex, Death & Honey–are likewise out of print now, but you can get Big Trouble in Little Boots and A Face Full of Ugly in audio.  Other digital books  may go out of print soon, so get the while you can.

I have two more audio editions–Broken Angel and Johnny Junk–for sale now, and more hopefully on the way.

I am currently exploring options for bringing out of print titles back, and will keep you updated.

Brian Knight

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