Welcome to the online home of author Brian Knight.  I’ve finally finished updating the Digital, Print, and Audio pages.  All of the out of print stuff is gone, but you can find a lot of it on my Amazon Author Page.  Most of my backlist is now available as digital books, and I’m bringing back print editions soon.


Welcome to Bla-bla-blog, where I’ll post something new for you to read, and maybe roll your eyes at, every couple of years. Seriously though, I’ll try to do better.

Brian Knight

May Day! May Day!

Hello friends and stalkers! No, I am not sending out an international radio distress signal, just letting you know that May 1st is going to be kind of a big day for me.  Not only are the digital editions of … Continue reading

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The First Quarter

The first quarter of Tulpa’s first year in business is over.  I am not raking in the dough, burning up the charts, making a killing, or even a strong showing.  What I have done is get ten chapbooks, four novels, … Continue reading

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Polls are sexy!

“Polls aren’t sexy.” I heard those words today on one of my favorite podcasts, and yeah mostly they aren’t, but they can be useful. I’m hoping this one will help me serve the members of my Knightmares news list better.  … Continue reading

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The Gal in the Blue Mask and The Christmas Corpse.

Just a quick entry here to pimp an interview and a new short story, both now available to read at The Gal in the Blue Mask, an excellent fiction blog by Meghan Shena Hyden.  Both are part of Meghan’s yearly … Continue reading

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Review copies! Get your review copies here!

Hi friends! My first three Tulpa Books titles are almost ready, and I’m sure you know what that means. Advance review copies! To get your advance review copies of Dragonfly, Feral, or Broken Angel, simply email me at thinkingbar@gmail.com with … Continue reading

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Introducing Tulpa Books!

I’d like to begin by thanking a few people who convinced me that my work was worth bringing back, who encouraged me to release them myself, and who have helped me learn how to do it.  I’ve since immersed myself … Continue reading

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What’s next? You decide!

Some of you know I’m launching my own publishing imprint to bring back my out of print books (announcement to come), and if you didn’t, you do now.  Dragonfly, Feral, and Broken Angel will be available again January 9, 2018 … Continue reading

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Where I’ve Been … Where I Am Now

I rediscovered my twitter account a few months ago and tweeted for the first time in a couple of years. “Wow, I still have a twitter account?” I was surprised by the reply that came almost immediately.  It was from … Continue reading

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My interview with Mark Allan Gunnells – A Summer of Winters

I first met Mark on some message board or other a few years back, and was first impressed by his enthusiasm for fiction … specifically mine. What can I say? I’m a sucker for flattery, and Mark was a very … Continue reading

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JournalStone Publishing is in a Giving Mood!

A while back JournalStone Publishing gave away 10 copies of The Phoenix Girls, Book 1: The Conjuring Glass on Goodreads.  There were nearly 800 entries, so a lot of people didn’t win a copy. Now JournalStone has decided to give away 10 … Continue reading

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